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Hydraulic Repairs that save you time and money

Hydraulic repairs are a cost-saving alternative to component replacement, eliminating lengthy downtime for your equipment and allowing you to get back to work quickly. The expert technicians at HP Hydraulic provide repairs for every component of your hydraulic system, working with most manufacturers in the field. This allows us to quickly repair your component to factory specifications or install readily-available refurbished parts when repair is impossible. We even have access to old/obsolete parts that are no longer available on the open market, eliminating the costly process of retrofitting the component or replacing the entire piece of equipment.

About Us

We Follow A Strict Repair Process

Whether you need hydraulic cylinder repairs due to over-pressurization or are experiencing hydraulic valve failure because of contamination, our techs have the skills and experience to provide the service you need quickly and effectively. Our thorough disassembly and evaluation of the system ensure we find and repair the problem quickly—sometimes by rebuilding the entire component in order to prevent future issues—and our comprehensive hydraulic system testing process after reassembly guarantees your hydraulic repair was completed correctly and the system operates at peak performance. We also refurbish hydraulic power units and build new.

Our team works on a variety of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and hydraulic valves from most manufacturers. This includes:

Hydraulic Pumps
Vane, Radial Piston, Piston, and Gear Pumps.

Hydraulic Motors
Vane, Piston, Radial Piston, Gear, Gerotor, and Geroler Motors.

Hydraulic Valves
Flow Control, Pressure Control, and Directional Valves, including Servo Valves, Proportional Valves, Manually Controlled Spool Valves, and Electronically Controlled Valves.

In addition to standard hydraulic systems, we also provide hydraulic cylinder repairs and make new replacement 2, 4, and 6 wire hydraulic hose assemblies. 

Call us today to speak with a member of our team regarding your hydraulic repair needs or to ask about our line of services. If you are unsure whether or not we service your manufacturer, feel free to ask or to stop by the shop and talk to us directly. 

Manufacturers We Service

  • Rexroth 

  • Vickers 

  • Eaton 

  • Bosch 

  • Racine 

  • Hydura 

  • Continental 

  • Oil Gear 

  • Parker 

  • Commercial 

  • Sundstrand 

  • Hydro Line 

  • Sauer Danfoss 

  • Char-Lynn 

  • Bobcat 

  • Staffa 

  • Moog 

And more